Frequently asked Questions 


What do we do at Jab We Check?


Our role is to help families and individuals collect information gathered using professional methods including, AI, tracking, and background checks. 


Are these checks Legal? 


All our checks are perfectly legal, and we follow the rule of law based on the countries’ rule of law we operate in.  We work with reputable licensed investigators who only use legal methods of investigations. Rest assured! Our investigators are not like the movies. We do not bug phones, hack computers or emails, trespass, access sensitive and private information, or tamper with mail. 


How quickly can I get my report?


We endeavor to get your report to you within 5 working days. If there is any delay we will communicate with you by email beforehand.

What information do you have access to?


We have access to AI tools that work by compiling information from Social Media, public records, and in-depth research.


What am I paying for?


We have endeavored to be completely transparent and flat with our pricing, our pricing includes a team of dedicated professionals licensed and experienced to handle your inquiry discreetly. We do not charge extra for mileage, or out of pocket expenses as we are an online service.  


How can we trust your confidentiality?


Our reputation and success rely on our confidentiality, your information will never leave our premises or servers. Details of your case are never discussed externally.


Could an investigation be traced back to me?


We ensure confidentiality, information can only slip if you let it slip or accidentally leave information in view of others. 




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